Children and Youth Dance Studies Program

This program consists of dance classes that will teach students how to move and how to dance using dance techniques and dance concepts.This is a full list of classes we are planning to offer:

(See Schedule for current classes, and keep checking back:) 


~Creative Dance & Improvisation 

~Modern Dance & Composition 

~Contemporary Ballet Dance

~Jazz Dance (Funky to Broadway)

~Street Hip Hop Dance

~Tap Dance

One Performing Arts

Class Descriptions & Dress Codes

Creative Dance

A fun, adventurous, and challenging class! Warm-ups will facilitate both body and brain strength using the “Braindance” as the basis of Technique and movement. Students will explore movement concepts; such as, space, time, and energy through problem solving activities, both individually, and with a partner and/or group. Students will then practice and develop their movement skills across the floor, and end the class by creating/building their own dance/movement sequence based on the concept(s) of the day. Class material will be based on developmental levels of each age group/level.

Dress code: Hair should be pulled out of face in pony or braid. Dance clothes or sweats; comfortable clothing students can move freely.


Modern & Modern/Jazz Dance & Improvisation

This class will begin with a warm-up focusing on correct body placement, strength and flexibility, as well as, connecting to and dancing with the body’s center/core, facilitating a better sense of balance while in a neutral position and while in motion.  Across the floor and center combinations using dance and movement skills, and a drop, release, recover technique will be fun and challenging for students. Movement will also be explored through improvisational and compositional problem solving activities. This class will increase the student’s movement vocabulary, increase the student’s ability to express themselves through movement, and enhance the student’s ability as a performer.  

Dress Code: Hair should be pulled back away from face into ponytail, braid, or bun. Form fitted Dance or Yoga wear. No shoes required.


Contemporary Ballet

This ballet class will focus on technique emphasizing strength, flexibility, and body alignment. Students will be challenged at the bar, center floor and across the floor with movement sequences and combinations that will help increase their coordination, their range of motion, and their fluidity of movement. This class will help students gain a better perspective of their dancing space, as well as, their share dance space.

Dress Code: Hair should be pulled back into a bun/all hair out face. Prefer light colored tights and dark leotard. Dance pants w/dance top or leotard ok. 

 Contemporary Jazz/Hip Hop Dance 

In this class, warm-up will begin with a focus on correct body placement, range of motion, flexibility, and strength. Students will then engage in fun rhythmic progressions across the floor and end with dance combinations which will increase and enhance fluidity and performance quality. An eclectic mix of modern, jazz, and spices from Africa. Music & sound will range from today's pop, rhythm & blues, and Jazz, to reggae, funky soul, and world rhythms.

Dress code: Hair pulled away from face. Dance or Yoga pants and top ok for jazz. street clothes ok for hip hop w/shoes.


When I leap,

I briefly see the world as it is

And as it should be.

~Cornelius Eady

Dance in Turlock...Dance in Hughson...Modern...Ballet....Jazz....Dance in Turlock...Dance in Hughson...Modern...Ballet...Jazz...Dance in Turlock...Dance in Hughson...Modern...Ballet...Dance in Turlock...Dance in Hughson...Modern...Ballet...Jazz...Dance in Turlock...Dance...