One Performing Arts, the Carnegie Arts Center and Turlock Unified School District are passionate about arts education, and that is why we have teamed-up to bring you Classroom ARTS Connect.


Incorporating arts in the classroom is a powerful “everyday” tool that enhances problem solving, teaching students to adapt to different situations and to respect and practice many ways of thinking and doing. Bringing arts to the classroom can also help in developing self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation – all necessary for success in life.


In California, 48.9% of students in the public school system are identified as low income, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics. Regardless of socio-economic or cultural backgrounds, talents, or disabilities, all students deserve access to education in the arts. Creating alliances between arts organizations and the public school system opens opportunities for disenfranchised students to experience, share, and be educated in the arts.


The mission of Classroom ARTS Connect is to increase an interest in and inspire all students to engage in dance.  Through the art of dance students will experience benefits through creative thinking and problem-solving exercises as well as physical activity.  The program connects dance to other art forms, history and science as a way to engage students on multiple levels and to serve multiple goals in the curriculum.


One Performing Arts and the Carnegie Arts Center are excited to bring to your students Classroom ARTS Connect.



Tami Stark-McQueen
Artistic Director, ONE Performing Arts


Lisa McDermott
Assistant Director, Carnegie Arts Center


Please contact Carnegie Arts Center for more information or for scheduling.

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